Time to reap the benefits

and put wellbeing at the heart of your organization!

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Benefits for the company

  • Continuous, automated data-gathering
    We help you gather scientifically validated data on a wide variety of wellbeing-metrics (i.e. stress, leadership, burnout, engagement, mental illness, and more) in real-time AND continuously throughout the year.
  • Track the ROI of your wellbeing interventions
    Track and trace your wellbeing interventions to specific wellbeing dimensions and metrics so that you can see the impact of your investments over time.
  • Higher participation rates thanks to AI-guided pulse surveys
    Traditional surveys are boring and often have low response rates. We counter survey fatigue through our smart AI algorithms! Your people only answer questions at a time that suits them best. Sending reminders will be a thing of the past.
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Benefits for your employees

  • Automated burnout detection & prevention
    Gain insights into your own wellbeing by having a personal coach in your pocket who signals when something might be off. No need to suffer from burnout when you can take action and prevent it!
  • Anonymous data = guaranteed!
    Share wellbeing data with your employer in full anonymity and with peace of mind! The shared data are handled with care ánd are only reported at group-level in the dashboards.
  • Reward system for survey participation
    You can use the app to get heard and feel engaged, you can journal and set wellbeing goals. And that’s not all... : it rewards you for doing so! Sharing wellbeing-data becomes a win-win for everyone!

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