Great news: wellbeing at work is positively progressing in companies! According to a Vlerick Business School study, the yearly HR Barometer, wellbeing is the #1 priority for HR leaders in 2021 and beyond!  Actions and investments are being made across industries and sizes of companies, as employee wellbeing is an important matter for any kind of company. For those who have been sitting it out on the bench up to now, summer could be the perfect opportunity to boost the well-being of your employees! Here are Wenite’s top 20 tips to give you a kickstart into the second half of the year! 

Psst: our favorites are 1, 7, 14 and 18 ðŸ˜Š 

1) Embrace a hybrid way of working 

83% of the executives approve of telecommuting as a way to contribute to the experience and wellbeing of their employees. It is also often a positive indicator of the quality of life at work. And it’s easy to do, a simple internet connection already makes it possible… Working from home or a coworking space once a week is not expensive for the company and it’s an opportunity for a change of scenery! 

2) Create well-being awareness 

More than 80% of the employees surveyed consider the presence of tools, support, and solutions for well-being as enhancing the quality of life at work. What could be better than a multipurpose room for sports classes at work? Or the ability to log and track wellbeing activities such as yoga, healthy eating, burnout prevention workshops, etc? 

3) Coffee corner and water cooler 

Coffee breaks last between 5 and 10 minutes and we tend to consume quite a bit of it. So, it might as well be tasty and healthy! It has been proven that great-tasting coffee and well-managed coffee corners lead to more and deeper connections with employees. And maybe not surprisingly, the coffee machine and the water cooler are places for exchanges, discussions, and provide the necessary breaks to be productive throughout the day. 

4) What about a Chief Happiness Officer 

“It doesn’t take much to be happy”… and yet, nobody takes the time to do it! Luckily, that is the task to which the Chief Happiness Officer is fully dedicated. Nearly 8 out of 10 people surveyed recognize that this function is a good thing for the company and more than 7 out of 10 think that this type of position should be generalized in all companies. 

5) Setup an intranet or an internal chat 

Some things are easier to write than to say! Free up your teams’ speech and offer them a secure space to discuss and exchange. A clean intranet or a work communication application such as Slack facilitates cohesion and federates individuals. Create interactions, project groups, and private conversations with ease. 

6) Bring in experts 

Self-confidence, leadership, stress management … there is no shortage of personal development topics within the fields of professional life. And there are coaches for all of it! To help your team progress, there’s nothing like an expert to transfer knowledge around a subject. You will see, your employees will come out of it full of ideas and energy… 

7) Leverage data to guide and support your wellbeing strategy 

HR teams are having a tough time getting accurate and timely information on how their colleagues are doing. This then leads to late or no action at all, while there are solution providers like Wenite and the eco-system who can unburden HR teams and managers from getting the right wellbeing data and inspire appropriate action and interventions based on the generated insights. 

8) Dedicate a room to micro-naps 

Ten minutes is the time you need to recharge your batteries and fill up on positive energy. The micro-nap has many virtues at work. But for this, you need to be calm. Setting up soothing and restful spaces in your company could do the trick. Poufs, hammocks, sofas, everything is good for dozing off and recharging the batteries. Have you heard of the ‘nappucino’ yet? 

9) Grow plants in the office 

There is nothing like plants and vegetation to breathe in the office! Detoxifying, soothing, and energizing, plants bring life and serenity to the workplace. They are also capable of absorbing unpleasant odors and reducing stress. So, apprentice gardeners, have a green thumb in your company! 

10) Encourage a healthy diet 

Zero added sugar, zero waste, zero preservatives, adopt a #HealthyAttitude. Encourage your teams to eat a balanced diet. Healthy food on a daily basis will keep your employees in good health. Fresh fruit, no-sugar-added drinks, healthy and local snacks: because setting a healthy example at work can spill over to healthy habits at home! 

11) Initiate sports challenges 

Suggest to your team that they sign up for a sporting event together and show up in the company colors. To ensure that no one is left at the starting line, select an activity that everyone can do. Make sure everyone can run at their own pace and, above all, keep team spirit over competitiveness. Remember, the goal is to unite your teams. On your marks, set? Go! 

12) Happy Hour 

Along with Casual Friday, where everyone comes as they are, institute (Friday) Happy Hour. A weekly cheers where everyone can spend a connected moment before leaving for the weekend. The perfect opportunity to loosen the tie and relax all together. A few drinks and some cool bites in a social area of the company will be enough to create some good vibes. 

13) Introducing mindfulness 

Align your spine, open your chakras, and breathe… There is nothing like mindfulness or meditation in the workplace to overcome stress and tension. Let your teams discover what anti-stress programs, muscular relaxations, and breathing exercises can do for them. 

14) Make employee wellbeing a shared responsibility 

At Wenite, we advise and assist companies in collecting the right (wellbeing) data in all its dimensions (for example leadership, engagement, mental wellbeing, inclusion, …)! And do it in a way so that both employer and employee are actively involved. Ultimately this results in wellbeing becoming a shared responsibility, and behavior change will be much easier. 

15) Celebrate small wins and events 

Going on maternity leave, the wedding of an employee, making a new sale, getting a promotion, or a new recruitment? All occasions are good to celebrate! You do not have to go overboard… A weekly announcement and fun way to celebrate good news is not a big deal. It motivates the troops and increases solidarity at work. You can also link this to #5 and #12. 

16) Encourage walking 

30 minutes a day is the minimum time you would need to walk during the day to stay fit and healthy. Encourage your employees to walk (or bike) to work or to take the stairs. To motivate them, you could give them an activity tracker and launch a joint challenge. Whoever wins will be rewarded. 

17) Grow a garden at the office 

“We must cultivate our garden” is the formula that the philosopher Voltaire repeats tirelessly in his book Candide. The metaphor is clear… we must strive to improve and maintain the environment we occupy. Growing a vegetable garden at work and harvesting its fruits is about a lot more than just a few vegetables and aromatic plants. It is a symbol of the company, growth, and care. 

18) Disconnect for real 

Weekends, evenings, and vacations are a time to disconnect. Respecting this time ensures that your employees fully recharge their batteries. This balance between private life and professional fulfillment is fundamental. It is an essential condition for the well-being of your teams. So, on vacation: make sure to really take a time-out. 

19) Reward your teams 

We are not donkeys, but sometimes we need a nice carrot to move forward! During the ordeal, a little encouragement and a nice reward reinforce endurance. So think about rewarding your employees if they have accomplished their (wellbeing) goals. Via the Wenite Wellbeing platform, employees can get rewarded with benefits such as a babysit, healthy food delivery, sports classes… Encouraging employees to build good wellbeing habits will be mutually rewarding!. 

20) Join a great cause 

The quest for meaning… which is on all young employees’ minds. Why? Because this new generation wants to have an impact, they want to do something good every day. So be an impactful, and committed company! 

At Wenite we already actively practice #1, #2, #5, #15, and #18, which is translated in one of our values of ‘take a breath’. And we help our customers with #2, #6, #7, and #14. By leveraging data wellbeing data on the Wenite platform, companies and HR teams can focus on the initiatives that can have the biggest impact on the welbeing of their employees and the company at large. Which reflects in better leadership, higher engagement, longer retention, less burnouts etc.

If you want to learn more about all the dimensions of wellbeing and how digitalizing employee wellbeing management can benefit your organization, just shoot me a message. Happy to help!

Kind regards and be well.  

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