Meet Wenite

The all-in-one cloud-based platform that backs your wellbeing strategy with data and insights. 

Surveys with impact

Employee experience

Nobody likes long surveys. We create value for your employees by offering personal rewards and guidance.

Forget about reminder emails

Automated pulse surveys guided by AI. Maximizing response rate throughout your organization without any effort.

Finger on the pulse

Keep track of important wellbeing KPI's through a continuous data stream. Providing you with real-time insights.

Automated analysis

Peace of mind

Wrapping your head around wellbeing reports can be hard. Our technology offers context that gets the most out of it.


Our AI helps you to connect the dots and provides you with insights that help to setup your next wellbeing initiatives.

See ‘WHICH’ investments really work

Track the impact of your wellbeing-efforts. Don't waste money and see what investments really work.

Data-driven matchmaking

Wenite Partner Network

Employees are rewarded with points for participation. These can be redeemed within our network of product and service providers.

Relevant comfort

Everybody is in a different situation and has his/her own preferences. Wenite and its partner ecosystem offer solutions that enhance wellbeing for everyone.

Recommendation engine

Wenite unites employees, employers and solutions around comprehensible, accurate and timely data and insights.

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