Employee Hub

We provide employees with personalized support when they need it most, offering an essential lifeline when the demands of HR exeed their capacity.

One simplified platform for personalized assistance.

Too many employees are unaware of the great help their companies can provide. Wenite has developed a unique solution that uses technology to curate services and resources, so employees have simple access to useful tools.

Improve employee satisfaction and retention

Never miss out on helping an employee in need

Make sure employees share information

Make people investments with confidence

Personalize employee experiences

Increase employee engagement

Answering questions can be tiresome. To minimize the burden on your employees, we use AI-powered technology to ask only those questions that matter.

Stress detection and burnout prevention

We use AI to analyze data shared by employees, allowing us to detect high stress levels and prevent burnout proactively.

Assist employees when you are offline

AI-powered virtual assistants provide personalized support for mental health issues like anxiety or depression, connecting employees with internal or external resources.

Relevant and useful content

Users can earn points, badges, or other virtual rewards for completing certain tasks or reaching certain milestones on the platform. These rewards could be used to unlock new features or access to premium content.

Wenite currency

Employees can earn tangible rewards, such as gift cards or discounts, for reaching certain milestones or for engaging with the platform over an extended period.

Give something in return

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