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Tap into employee sentiment with ease and enrich organizational data on autopilot.

Link insights to actions.

Is your current employee experience platform falling short of expectations? Our data-first approach offers HR the ultimate tools to make informed decisions and supercharge employee experiences.

Link decisions to meaningful sentiment data

Real-time data to make informed decisions

Prioritize and focus on the most impactful actions

Our technology ensures constant data inflow

Monitor. Evaluate. Prevent.

Up-to-date insights

Stay on top of all the workplace sentiments with a few clicks! Wenite’s data-first approach ensure a constant inflow of employee senitment data.

Track and trace

Link your HR strategies and investments to employee sentiments, to see impact in real-time.

Predict effectiveness

Predict effectiveness with Wenite's smart suggestions, based on predictions make by our AI engines. Make the best decisions and maximize returns on investments.

Monitor uptake support programs

Monitor uptake of support programs with Wenite's detailed mapping, which highlights usage and appreciation of wellbeing solutions. This innovative approach helps clients to make informed decisions about their budgets.

Move beyond proxy metrics

Move beyond surface-level metrics with Wenite's driver analysis. Unlock the full power of your data to understand what drives employee engagement, absenteeism, and retention.

Grounded in science

Grounded in science, our platform provides a detailed and accurate understanding of underlying complexities to support data-driven decision making.

Non-financial reporting

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