Why Wenite?

Low threshold for employee participation

Traditional surveys are boring and often have low response rates. We use the Wenite app to sed brief. Our technology is designed to counter survey fatigue and to reward users for participation. Resulting in high participation rates across your entire organization.

Consistent information stream

Wenite gathers data 24/7. Dashboards provide you with up to date insights on crucial stress and wellbeing metrics (i.e. people KPIs). Within a few clicks, you can see how your employees feel and where stress impacts your business. Allowing you to stay in touch with the workplace, even in an era where remote working has become the standard.

Save money and invest wisely

Investing in employee wellbeing and stress reduction can be expensive and time-consuming, while ROI often is unclear. Wenite allows you to listen to employee problems and shows you where investments can have real impact.

Trusted environment

Data is and needs to remain private, especially about people's sentiment. All collected data is anonymized and provided on the group level in our dashboards. Wenite offers a listening ear to your employees and helps them to achieve a more balanced life style.

Detection & prevention

Wenite algorithms keep an eye on the mental and physical wellbeing of each employee individually. Our goal is to lower the threshold for employees to look for help when stressors are taking over control. Upon request of the employee, Wenite can facilitate the search for a solution.